Shillong, India
TEDx Applications to TEDxIIMShillong 2018 are closed now

Over the years, TEDxIIMShillong has come to symbolize the dissemination of unconventional, path breaking ideas; stirring intellection and imaginative thinking have always been central to the underlying philosophy.

Based on the theme ‘The 53rd Card’, last year’s edition sought to highlight those little things which have the capability to make a big difference.

We are currently in a time where little things can make a world of difference. All those who can identify those little things can bring about a revolution. Thinking out of the box and having a fresh perspective can help both solve an old problem, as well as come up with a solution we didn’t even know we needed. Finding that spark, generating that traction, and using that special something is what can make you extraordinary. It is this power of the extraordinary that we aimed to underscore with last edition’s theme, ‘The 53rd Card’.TEDxIIMShillong 2018​ transformed, combined and created ideas to create a platform that invigorated new thought and inspires change.

Furthering the spirit of finding new paths through the seemingly trite and hackneyed, TEDxIIMShillong 2019 will aim to shine light on the never-ending capacity of the human mind. Stay tuned for more!