At the age of 23 with a career spanning over seventeen years, Suhani Shah has achieved well beyond her years. She has established herself as a life coach, psychosomatic counsellor, hypnotherapist and illusionist as well as an author.

Suhani’s enrapturing performances often include mentalism acts, visual effects, levitation and grand illusions. Her unique style of conveying messages through magic leaves the audience captivated and inspired at the same time.

Over the years, she has touched the lives of thousands through her humorous yet powerful talks and has helped empower and enlighten many at her holistic retreat centre in Goa. Suhani has also penned some best-sellers like “Unleash Your Hidden Powers”. Having already published five books on self-help, Suhani has more planned for the future.  Apart from maintaining a blog, she also has regular columns in numerous magazines where she shares her knowledge on mind psychology as well as her experiences gained through performing in more than 5,000 shows.

Illusionist Suhani Shah talks about how our ability to make conscious choices in life is, more often than not, an illusion. She draws parallels with the world of magic, where choices are rarely what they are made out to be.