Mr. Lou Majaw talked about the spirit of survival and how he applied that in reality. He discussed about the see-saw behavior of life, and how he cruised out of all this.

Lou Majaw is a Khasi guitarist popularly known as the ‘One of the Biggest Fans of Bob Dylan in the North-East’. He was introduced to the music of Bill Haley and Elvis Presley at an early age, and himself learnt guitar in school. Majaw then moved on to Kolkata (Calcutta) where he played for various groups such as the Dynamite Boys, Vanguards, Supersound Factory, and Blood and Thunder.
In 1966, Lou was introduced to Bob Dylan’s work. Inspired by his music, he later organized a ‘Dylan’s Birthday concert’ in Shillong on 24th May 1972. Since then he has organized the concert each year to pay obeisance to Dylan, with the shows eventually gaining national and international fame.