A highly invigorating talk by Sridhar Lakshmanan where he talks about conflict created by information asymmetry which arises due to the lack of people’s enthusiasm to visit the hinterland and know the truth. He, through his ideas and initiatives, has tried to create a confluence between two ends of the economic spectrum

An alumnus of IIM Ahmadabad and also a Duke of Edinburgh award holder, he has previously worked with United Nations Development Programme, Mahindra Satyam and Philips amongst others. He started working in a remote community of 1000 people in Malaiyur between Madurai and Dindugal where one has to trek 1.5 hrs to reach the nearest community.
He has Undertaken programs on distribution Energy efficient stoves and LED lights to tribal communities in Javadhu hills.
Sridhar aims to endlessly strive to strike a balance between commercial and social development interests and also between the academic and practical issues for the stake holders in all his endeavors.