Padma Shri Bertha G. Dkhar talked about inclusive societies which are the way forward – to integrate all factions of society and to ensure that all have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Ms. Bertha G Dkhar, lost her sight due to incurable retinitis pigmentosa at the tender of 20 while she was pursuing her Masters at the Bangalore University. But in her loss she found the purpose of her life. Inventor of the braille code in Khasi, one of the major tribal languages of Meghalaya, she has dedicated her life to educating similarly disabled children from poor families in the region.
As the Programme Coordinator, Mainstreaming Disability Unit: Education, Bethany Society, she educates blind children alongside others blessed with normal vision. In March 2010, Ms. Bertha was awarded the Padma Shri for her efforts and her unique model of schooling the visually impaired. She has also received the national award for Child Welfare from the Government of India in 2000.