Mr. Muralikrishnan talked about his failed experimentation with entrepreneurship. Citing examples from his personal life, he underscored the importance of having a Plan C in place as an entrepreneur by stating that Plan A is more often than not, a fiction, while Plan B is the worst case scenario.

Mr. Muralikrishnan, is one of the fore-runners of the e-tail race. A graduate from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, he was one of the successful early movers in India’s e-business growth. He setup iWay, India’s first embracement towards cybercafés during his tenure at Sify. He then moved to eBay where he handled Product Management before taking over as the Country Head.
A marathon runner, he quit eBay in 2013 to take up an entrepreneurial venture in the health space, with Almond Wellness Inc. and their visionary health app product – getfitgo.
Mr. Muralikrishnan, was recently roped in as COO for He is an avid squash player, photographer and traveller