Shillong, India
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Over the years, TEDxIIMShillong has come to symbolize the dissemination of unconventional, path breaking ideas; stirring intellection and imaginative thinking have always been central to the underlying philosophy.

Based on the theme ‘Alchemy of Choice’, this year’s edition seeks to underscore the transformative power of choice.

Throughout our lives, we are faced with an alphabet soup of choices, and the dynamics of the process of decision making that ensues affects not just our own self, but also the people around us, and perhaps even the society at large.

The choice to be optimistic.

The choice to intentionally bring out the best in other people.

The choice to find hope instead of fear in the face of uncertainty.

The choice to give people the benefit of the doubt.

We make the choice to inquire, to be curious, and to challenge the status quo.

There are myriad instances when we’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices at our disposal, and ever so often, we are distracted from the bigger picture; more often than not, it is the individual choices that drive us away from the transformative, creative power of choices that we make collectively.

It is this paradigm shifting power of choice that we aim to underscore with this edition’s theme, ‘The Alchemy of Choice’.  TEDxIIMShillong 2017 looks to transform, combine and create ideas to create a platform that invigorates new thought and inspires change. The tentative date for this year’s event is 18th February, 2017.

The format of TEDxIIMShillong will allow speakers and attendees to digest and debate the talks and encourage the exchange of ideas and information amongst all participants.